Chunky Move dancers have it in the bag

Every photoshoot here at Rokeby Studios captures something unique, something that will never be again, but this one was a truly inspired collaboration and from the first click these guys knew they had it in the bag.

Lachlan Moore, founding director of Rokeby Studios, got together with Crumpler and Chunky Move contemporary dancers (spinning vortex bag models) recently to capture some of the most dynamic pieces of human sculpture ever to be bill postered along the site hoardings of Smith Street.

With Lachlan’s eye for expression, light and detail, Lauren and Niharika’s amazingly supple strength and physical expression and a client with a great product and an urge to break from the usual, art was created.


The #vortexdiet collection campaign is an experiment by Crumpler. “We wanted to see what would happen when we asked dancers to engage with and respond to our bags”

The day consisted of one photographer, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, 2 dancers, dozens of bags, satchels and packs from the 2014 #vortexdiet collection and Rokeby Studios super sleek and sexy studio 1 cyclorama.

Rokeby Studios, Lachlan Moore Photography, Chunky Move, Anouk van Dijk, Crumpler #vortexdient collection