A little bit about me

Lach is originally from South Gippsland near Wilsons Promontory
Lach is married to Emma who is from the north of England
Lach tells Emma she is the boss for reasons of self preservation & vanity
Lach is delighted beyond belief that Emma has a sense of humour
Lach is the dad of 2 cute kids, thus he and Em have decided they must have attractive resessive genes
Lach has some grey hair and is quite content with that
Lach is listening to Sigur Ros, Hilltop Hoods, Walter Mitty Soundtrack & on the odd night INXS… LOUD!
Lach likes things a certain way
Lach would like to be more diligent this year in the exercise department (Which I have been)
Lach got the idea for this bio from another photog and would like to thank him for being so darn clever
Lach would someday like to build a home by the seaside and there’s some light at the end of this one…….