Spice Journey – From Turkey to Collingwood

January 2014 was the hottest January globally since 2007 and the fourth hottest ever recorded!

But it was hot of a different kind here at Rokeby Studios.

As the sun was melting us outside, Shane Delia was creating a spice storm inside

It was the second series of Spice Journey to be filmed at Rokeby Studios. This series took Shane Delia to the exotic and mysterious Turkey to experience the legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires before he returned to the back streets of Collingwood and Rokeby Studios for 2 weeks of creating, cooking and filming in our state of the art kitchen studio.

“Like the great men once said ‘ we’re getting the band back together’ and that’s how it went. Same amazing crew, same studio and same fun and energetic vibe on set.” Shane commented.

After travelling in Turkey, Shane hit the set with an amazing passion and creative energy. “Turkey” he says “was an absolutely amazing place, inspired the hell out of me. I came back to Australia full of passion and creativity. Ready to cook some beautiful food”

… and cook some beautiful food he did.

With temperatures reaching 45ºC outside the studio loading dock was consumed by giant compressors struggling to run the enormous air conditioners which were too noisy to use while filming was in progress. Meantime icy poles, frozen grapes and ice cold water spritzers kept the crew cool courtesy of Melbourne food stylist Caroline Velik, and family visits helped to soothe the fraying patience of the hardworking  culinary master.

While Shane set about unlocking the secrets of middle eastern cooking and adding his own twist to time honoured recipes the studios filled with the enticing aromas of traditional dishes such as Duck Awarma, Pork and Pea Pastizzi and Lamb and Kishk Kibbeh. Modern creations and interpretations included Pomegranate-roasted Pork Belly and Arak-cured Kingfish along with some samples of Shane’s beloved “dude food” options, including Felafel Burgers, Beirut Lamb Pizza and Stuffed Armenian Chicken Wings and for dessert Frozen Cashew Baklava, Booza Fun Ice-cream and Barberry Nougat-filled Doughnuts.

This series, airing on SBS now, is a celebration of Shane’s love for the cultures that make up the Middle East and all the blessings the region has brought him: life, love, and food.

… and yes, we were treated to end-of-day-tasting-plates featuring some of the delicious Turkish inspired delicacies pictured below.

Photo by www.olisansom.com

Booza Fun Ice Cream

Photo by www.olisansom.com

Duck Awarma Smoked Hummus

Photo by www.olisansom.com

Barberry Nougat filled Doughnuts

Photo by www.olisansom.com

Pork and Pea Pastizzi

Photo by www.olisansom.com

Pomegranate Roasted Pork Belly

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