It has been reported that there is widespread concern across the advertising industry that the standard of newspaper advertising has taken an irreversible slump in the last few years. Beyond a sluggish economy and poor consumer spending, the changing dynamics of the marketplace may have had a severe effect on the quality and revenues of newspaper advertising.

Of course, this reaction is more likely caused by the big increase in online spend over the last three years, although it is true that a lot of traditional media has suffered with a drop in quality material and overall revenue.

However, in terms of generating immediate sales, newspaper advertising is still very much alive and continues to be a favourite among advertisers and consumers alike.

From an advertisers point of view, the great thing about newspaper advertising is that a recurring message is very easy to achieve. You can place a schedule of display or classified adverts in a newspaper for very little money and enjoy good returns over a short or long-term time period.

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