It is estimated that there are around 160,000 magazines published around the world in as many as 29 languages. Even though a large proportion of these magazines are not exactly setting the world on fire in generating revenue terms, I think it is fair to say that there is still a substantial market for this traditional form of media advertising.

For the advertiser, one of the great advantages of having such a huge selection of magazines to choose from is the fact that they are able to target a specific audience, who may have a particular interest in their product or service. Although magazines have a comparatively small coverage compared to national newspapers, it is the positive advantage of reaching a specific audience that turns a lot of people on to magazines.

One of the other advantages to Magazine Advertising is the fact that you can request that your advert is placed in a certain position or even within a feature article. This will enhance the overall corporate and commercial effectiveness of your offerings, as well as adding a positive and highly relevant message to potential buyers. Of course, if you don’t mind where your advertisement appears, it will probably be placed in a general run of paper position. This means that your ad could be placed anywhere, but will probably cost less than if it was placed in a prime position. However, always try to get a ROP price for a special position whenever you can, as most publishers will be happy to negotiate.

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