Online marketing you do is a process of implementation of your marketing plans into the internet media, the web-based information technology. Online marketing is not just to get the amount of website traffic is a lot but also used for:

1. Learning the Visitor Behavior
Is to continue the relationship with the visitor, customer, or prospective customers with periodic ongoing basis. In this way your company can easily learn the behavior of customers or potential customers of your company, so that could help determine what the right policy for your company.

2. Facilitate communication
Another thing that just gives a good impression for your company, especially efforts to maintain relationships with clients/customers, business partners or your company is to keep good communication exists. Indulge clients/customers, business partners or your company with facilities and easy to communicate with you. And the most expensive media is with the internet via email or other technologies such as ICQ, Chat and online forums.

3. Getting feedback and communication Fast and Cheap
With the Internet you will be easier to get feedback from customers or business partners. Customers or business partners you would prefer the Internet media. Why is that? Because communication with no limits on this internet adds value, especially efforts to reduce the cost of communication. Can you imagine if the communication between countries to use the telephone or fax as a communication medium, how much cost that must be paid for it all? And compare it to if you use the internet facility, then you’ll feel the difference.

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